Review : Bizzy Box, an Activity box for children

Very rarely do I instantly fall in love with a business idea, and Bizzy Box happens to be one of them. Think – Pinterest made easy for mums. I’ll be the first one to raise my hand, at admitting that there are days when I spend hours glued on Pinterest trying to look for activities for Azmu. Ones that are not too time consuming for me to prepare, ones that are educational and challenging enough for her and ones that she will actually enjoy doing more than once. Bizzy Box has made this easy, all in one box.

Bizzy Box

What is Bizzy Box?

Bizzy Box, a business and a concept launched by Shannon, is an age specific activity box for babies and toddlers with learning tools and activities that aid in them reaching their developmental milestones.

There are three boxes to choose from:

First Year Box- Ages 0-12 months

Second Year Box- Ages 12- 24 months

Third Year Box – Ages 24- 36 months

What comes in a Bizzy Box?

Each box comes with 20 or more learning tools (varies depending on year box), packed in individual bags, and a very handy user guide. This guide outlines how the learning tools can be used for various activities and what learning milestones will the activities help develop. The learning milestones are what your child should achieve or be working towards for his/her age. The long list of suggested activities in the guide, means your toddler will be using the same learning tools in various entertaining ways, progressing from easy to most difficult, with little room for boredom.

bizzzy box mumzy notebook Bizzy box mumzy notebook bizzy box mumzy notebook

To give you an idea, about what the box contains, examples of suggested activities and what learning milestone is being targeted :

– Balloons. To kick and work on the coordination of the brain and large muscle groups, therefore developing the gross motor skills.

– String and buttons. To develop the hand – eye coordination when stringing together, and therefore working on the fine motor skills.

– Puzzles. To connect, rely on memory and solve, in order to develop cognitive skills.

And that’s not all. The learning tools provide opportunities to also develop skills in language, art and emotional wellbeing.

bizzy box mumzy notebook

Everything you will need for the suggested activities is included in the box or easily found in your house, such as bowls or uncooked pasta. Even the baby-safe playdough comes with its recipe, meaning you can make it yourself at home should you ever need to. What’s more, the box comes with wheels making it easy for the toddler to push around, yet another way to work on those motor skills.

My views on the Bizzy Box

Remember when I admitted to scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, well I have a small basket at home with odd bits and bobs. A few cloth pegs, pom pom balls, crayons and so on. That’s because, coming from a teaching background, I know how important it is for toddlers to achieve their learning milestones in a relaxed and playful environment, and how these learning tools can aid in doing so. Azmu is very well aware of the activity basket at home, however since she has seen the Bizzy Box, she no longer wants to play with her old basket.

The first time she opened the box, we were both very excited. She was excited because she felt like she got a whole treasure box of goodies, while I on the other hand was excited because I felt my Pinterest dream came true. No longer did I need to make trips to Daiso to get individual items (yes, been there, done that)  and no longer did I need to spend time looking for age appropriate activities.

Azmu has been loving the foam shapes and the toddler-friendly tweezers to pick up the pom pom balls.. We enjoy every activity that provides the opportunity to practice shapes and colours. The memory cards are our next favourite, as I get to join in the fun too. Azmu hasn’t had a lot of practise at completing puzzles yet, so that has been challenging for her. It’s wonderful watching her learn and make progress every time she attempts to connect the puzzle pieces together.

Having completed the different activities a few times with Azmu already, she is now aware of how to carry them out. It is wonderful seeing her play independently and enjoy some quiet time together with the box.

Bizzy Box Bizzy box Mumzy Notebook

Where to Shop for a Bizzy Box?

The possibility of using the same learning tools in various ways makes each box good value for money, in terms of price and time. Prices start at AED 199.

Shannon can also customise and arrange for twin boxes, meaning one box with two of each learning tool, at a reasonable price.

You can shop from Little Majlis or contact Shannon directly.

bizzy box mumzy notebook

For more on Shannon’s story, how an idea evolved into the Bizzy Box buisness and her future plans, read Zeyna’s , from @Mummyonmymind, post here.

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bizzy box mumzy notebook

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10 thoughts on “Review : Bizzy Box, an Activity box for children

  1. Abigail says:

    Cool stuff for our little ones. We all know that toddlers need a lot of things and activities to do that will keep them busy while helping them to develop -physically and mentally and this Bizzy box is the answer. I’m interested!

    • Khushboo Sanjania says:

      Yes, sometimes it’s not about gifting them the most expensive toy, but one that challenges them. So, glad you liked the post. Thanks.

  2. Keri says:

    You really seem to get a lot in here don’t you! As a very uncreative mumma this would spend me hours gathering all the individual bits so can definitely see its uses.

    • Khushboo Sanjania says:

      Yes, the guide that comes with the box is so handy or guiding us mums. You know exactly what to do with the items and it’s so wonderful seeing your child make progress.

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