How to: DIY party balloon animals ,with Balloonee

For most people, balloons remind them of birthdays, parties and celebrations. They come in a variety of colours, prints and some even filled with confetti. It would be fair to say that balloons are hard work and time consuming, the part where you have to blow each one up and then decorate it around the [...]

Back to School with Centrepoint

With the summer of 2017 coming nearly to an end, and September rolling in soon, it can only mean one wonderful thing for parents: ‘Back to School’. I say ‘parents’, because I’m sure they are very much  looking forward to having things back in ‘routine’ and their kids back to being not-so-bored. However, dear parents, before [...]

Crafty Corner #1: Crochet Collectibles

My daughter’s toy box is already brimming to the top with toys. Some big, others made up of small parts, some wooden, others plastic and shiny. She loves playing the most with stuffed toys; dolls, animals and teddies. She will talk to them, play with them and pretend to feed them meals. However, a recent [...]